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Not all Home Inspectors Provide the Same Service

Updated: Nov 8

We get calls from buyers who recently purchased a home and found issues that they believe their Home Inspector may have missed. We respond that it depends on several things including whether it is a deficiency within the scope of the South Carolina Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors (SOP). The South Carolina SOP is the minimum requirement that a licensed Home Inspector is required to go by. A home inspection is a noninvasive visual inspection; however, Home Inspectors are trained to look for anomalies. Many times, because of furniture or stored items, there could be hidden defects that are not observed by the inspector. Typically, inspectors do not move furniture or stored items as outlined in the SOP.

Doctors also follow an adopted standard SOP. And like Home Inspectors doctors can exceed the standards. For example, I had extensive Mohs surgery on my face, and during the surgery, I heard the surgeon and the nurse discussing options on how to close the wound. The surgeon said we will do a “flap” and the nurse said we don’t need to do that based on the patient's insurance coverage. The surgeon said we are going to do the flap because it will minimize the scarring and improve the appearance of his face. I am so thankful that the surgeon went beyond what was required.

J & H Home Inspections, LLC goes beyond the minimum requirements of the SOP provided there is no safety issue involved, the area is readily acceptable, and will not cause damage to the property. As an example, we take temperature readings at all the output and input registers on an HVAC system. As a result of performing this test, it will provide us with a good indication of how well the system is balanced and if there is a potential obstruction somewhere in the ductwork. There are many other areas whereby we exceed the requirements of the SOP to benefit our clients.

Submitted by:

John Schuler, Certified Professional Home Inspector

J & H Home Inspections, LLC

October 16, 2023

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