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Don’t Buy a Home Without A Home Inspection

Updated: Mar 1

We, J & H Home Inspections, LLC located in Little River, SC posted an article with the above photo on several social media sites several weeks ago regarding the absence of insulation in the attic of a newly built home we recently inspected for a buyer client. I was amazed to see the numerous comments from recent home buyers regarding the deficiencies they have discovered since closing on their home.

From what I understand, most if not all of them did not have the home inspected by a Certified Home Inspector. In some cases, they had a family member, friend or real estate agent inspect the property with, or for them. Understandably, you want the opinion of others, however, if they are not trained or certified to do a professional home inspection, they could miss some very important defects that a qualified home inspector may discover.

A couple of hundred dollars spent on a professional home inspection is money well spent. For example, Kathleen, a homeowner responded to our post: “I had the same thing happen to me. I didn’t find out until I had a leak. Explains the $230 gas bills last year.” I asked Kathleen how long ago did you purchased your home and her response was, “Almost one year…. Right before the warranty was up. I had a leak in my downstairs bedroom ceiling which prompted the warranty folks to discover the lack of insulation in the entire back of the house.”

We find deficiencies similar to this regularly during home inspections along with other issues. If the flaws are discovered before the builder’s one-year warranty they generally make the repairs. However, if deficiencies are not discovered or reported before the one-year warranty, the builder has no obligation to make the repairs.

Submitted by: John Schuler, Certified Home Inspector

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