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Feedback "Do I Need a Home Inspection for New Construction?"

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I recently wrote a blog entitled “Do I Need a Home Inspection for New Construction?” Following is feedback posted by some of the readers. Since they are direct quotes, we did not edit them for proper English or spelling.

“I would have liked it if my Realtor had advised me to get an independent home inspector. Didn't think I had the option on a new build.

“As a Realtor, my advice is YES<YES<YES! very good and thorough County and municipal inspectors are just the luck of the draw. Sometimes they do "drive-by" inspections. And here's the rub, You can't sue them or the city or county if they don't do a good job. Just a friendly warning from someone who has been burned.

“absolutely! You would be amazed at what is found in new construction, don't take chances!”

“I had a new house built for me in the "80s. At closing the builder said just make a list of what we may have missed or of anything that is broken and we'll fix it. 3 weeks later after many tries of me call ing the builder to make the needed repairs he said "It's too much trouble for me to pull my men off of other jobs to fix your pidly repairs. If you don't like it sue me and call the A annd tell them about it. I don't care". So listen to John and get it done BEFORE closing.

New home construction managers and builder’s salespeople do not want you to get a Home Inspection. They will not tell you you have the right to hire an independent Home Inspector during construction or befdore closing. We have talked with many new home buyers who chose not to have a home inspection for several reasons and wish they had one done prior to closing.

For most of us, buying a home is the largest investment we make in our lifetime, protect your investment by hiring a Certified New Construction Home Inspector. We are here to help you with your Home Inspection needs. Contact J & H Home Inspections, LLC, Located in Little River, SC before you close on your new home.

Submitted by:

John Schuler, Certified Home Inspector


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